Sign of the Times
I’m interested in color, symbolism and disruption. My current process combines the compulsive act of mark making with an analytical desire for order. This work is part of a series that employs common symbols in unorthodox arrangements. Specifically, I manipulate the “caution sign” to subvert its meaning and original function. The tension between the distressed surfaces and the patterns results in rich dialogues or rejection of one another based on color, shape, or temperament. The exhibition title, Sign of the Times, is a response to our nonsensical political climate.


Andrew Ina is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Columbus, Ohio. He holds a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design with a focus in painting and a MA in 3D Animation from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. He is an individual artist fellowship recipient from the Greater Columbus Arts Council and Emmy Award recipient for his work on the PBS series Broad and High and Columbus Neighborhoods. His work has exhibited in galleries and film festivals nationally. Andrew is currently working out of his studio at Millworks in Columbus.